how i have grown (or maybe have not)

came across this file when i was trying to dig out some information that i can use for my personal statement for the noc interview. this is how i was viewed by my teacher 3 years ago.
Personal Qualities

Tan Hui Ying was a student of Meridian Junior College from 2005 – 2006 where she pursued a course in the Science Faculty.

Hui Ying is an intelligent and responsive student in class. She is able to ask relevant and perceptive questions with regards to issues raised in class. Hui Ying possesses an analytical mind and will review the material taught to her and seek consultations with her teachers when in doubt. She contributes positively to class discussions and is able to express her views eloquently and clearly. A self-motivated student, she displays a strong desire to excel in her studies and works towards academic goals she set for herself.

Hui Ying has a commendable spirit of volunteerism which is evident from her extensive and intensive involvement in community service. She is very passionate about helping the less fortunate members of society and has no qualms about sacrificing her own time in order to volunteer and contribute to society. Despite the heavy demands on her time and energy, she is able to manage her studies well. Her commitment to community service also got her a well-deserved nomination for Outstanding Student Volunteer. Hui Ying was not only outstanding on her own; she was even more so as a student leader. She is able to influence others with a sense of energy and enthusiasm and has shown herself to be very capable in organizing a group of students to complete any task or project entrusted to her.

Hui Ying has a very caring attitude towards her peers. Her warm and friendly personality wins her many friends. Her classmates have found in her a fun-loving, ever helpful and lively friend. She is respectful to her teachers; and they find her a pleasant young lady who is a joy to teach. Hui Ying is an individual with clearly defined life goals and she will go all out to achieve them.

Co-Curricular Achievements
Meridian Junior College Basketball Team
Hui Ying was a member of the MJC Girls basketball team in 2005 and a member of the MJC Recreational Team in 2006. She has a regular attendance and takes part actively in training.  Hui Ying is willing to take instructions, and co-operates with the teachers and peer leaders. In training, she has shown determination in improving basketball skills. She has a good relationship with fellow members on and off the court. As a team sport player, Hui Ying has proven ability to be a team player. She makes the most of each training with an enthusiastic and self-motivated attitude.

Community Service
Hui Ying has an excellent record of community service. With more than 300 hours of impressive community service, she has shown herself to be passionate about serving the less fortunate members of our society. She has taken the lead in several community service and volunteer activities and has proven leadership qualities.
Hui Ying had led the class and initiated a Community involvement project for the Singapore Disability Sports Council. She helped organize the class’ involvement at the SPH Foundation National Junior Swimming Championship in 2006. Other than that, she was also the Vice-chairperson for the planning and execution of an Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) sharing session. She exhibited leadership by drawing on positive responses from all parties and helped the Chairperson making crucial decisions that led to the success of the project. Hui Ying had also participated in several school community activities such as MJC Open House & Learning Agora 2005 and Inter-House Games in 2005.
Hui Ying has contributed widely to the community about her. Her commitment to community service sees her being selected for an Outstanding Student Volunteer Attachment Programme with Singapore Disability Sports Council. She was dedicated in her service and contributed more than 200 hours of her time to volunteer at the organisation.
Despite all these activities, Hui Ying did not neglect her studies and continues to display great spirit of volunteerism. Her perseverance, heart of service and commitment resulted in her being nominated for the prestigious Outstanding Student Volunteer of the year in 2006.

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3 thoughts on “how i have grown (or maybe have not)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Admirable for sure just be humble about charity work and have pure intentions which I am sure you are and you do.

  2. Elisha Tan says:

    Actually, I started the whole volunteer work stuffs purely out of boredom. My school offers a one month volunteer internship and I took it up because I had no other plans during holidays. Turns out that it was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. And it gave me such drive to want to continue doing it (and hence chalking up so much hours) until it fall flat when I graduation from junior college, I attribute it solely to the fact that I didn't know how to recognize my passion. I think that it is this drive that I get from helping people makes me want to carve out a niche in social entrepreneurship that I can help people and get money at the same time. Win win.

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