this was how i see my academic interests 3 years ago.

One of the things that never fail to interest me is the human mind, why a person would have certain behavioral patterns and why people living in similar environment may also have drastic difference in their behavior and the way they think. This has always intrigued me.

I often view people liken to boxes, definitely not because some look ‘square’ but because boxes are objects which we would not know what it contains by only looking at the outer presentation of it. For example, boxes of the same size and shape can look different in their wrapping and yet have similar objects inside them. Similarly, people who dress differently may have characteristics and behaviors that are very alike.

As a very curious person, I often look at a person and wonder, ‘what is inside this ‘box’?’ what emotions, experiences or biological reasons that are causing this person to behave in this manner? The complexity of the human mind spurs me to pursue an education in psychology, to discover about the human behavior and to eventually get involved in a career related to people.

In my junior college years, I am very privileged to have the chances to take part in various volunteering work in many different areas – namely volunteering for the elderly, the animals (as a guide at the Singapore Zoological Gardens) and for the people with disabilities. These experiences have allowed me to meet people from different walks of life and broaden up my thoughts that a person’s behaviour does not only affect his own life but also the life of others.

This also leads to my second interest in sociology. How people create culture and how this culture, in turn, affects people who are living that out? This sort of questions often runs through my mind as I ponder about the interdependency and interrelationship that humans have with each other. Indeed, no man is an island and thus a study in how men affect one another is a topic that attracts me.


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    Kinda like when driving at 3am on the freeway and wanting to question each of the drivers why are they up so late/early. I have learned when you get to know someone judge them for how far they've come with what they started and realize even if not very far understand you may not know all the obstacles thrown in their path throughout life. Admire people for who they are and take away some inspiration to better yourself, complain less about your own ordeals.

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