4 Things Your Social Media Voice Can Learn From Raps (Part 2)

This is the part 2 of the 4 things that your social media voice can learn from raps. I must say, I have so much fun in researching and blogging about this topic. It’s kind of like a marriage between my topics of interest. :)

“Where all my dogs at…Randy/ Get off my dick, bitch…Andy/…Go against me now, I dare you…Bambi” – Nicki Minaj’s “Blazin” (Feat. Kanye West)

Whaaaaat is going on? Minaj probably has some authenticity and style in her delivery, but seriously, do you understand what’s going on?

Take a look at these two songs.

Map the Soul tells three stories about what the artists can’t live without. The first verse is about love, the second is probably talking about God and the third verse is talking about God. Even if you’re never in love or are an atheist, you probably can relate to the stories told in this song. Honestly, Map the Soul is the most lyrically beautiful rap song I’ve ever heard. It’s really, really beautiful. What makes it more awesome is how the artists are able to succinctly tell their stories when they only have one verse each, unlike all other songs which gives the artist 3 -4 mins to express themselves.

Then we have Eminem’s When I’m Gone, which in my opinion, is about the balance that all career parents have to make. Out of love, he was busy making money in order to give his kids a better life but he ended up neglecting them, which is the anti-thesis of love. It was particularly heart-wrenching during the part where the little pile up boxes to stop her dad from leaving and how the little girl commented that her father chose his work over his family. Makes me wanna tear even though I don’t have a kid.

Food for Thought
A question to think about is on how you can share your story in your style while keeping it relatable to your audience. It sounds hard but I think it merely looks harder than it is. You’ll probably be able to relate if you can type in a style that does not resemble Minaj’s lyrics, I mean, I don’t do anything special in my writing (except that I minimize my use of Singlish here) and my 10+ loyal readers still get what I mean. ;)

There’s a playlist in my Ipod Touch that’s filled with what I called Motivational Raps. While I haven’t seen any companies who can inspire by their social media efforts, I sure have heard many inspirational raps, those that makes you feel really pumped up for whatever life throws at you next.

Food for thought
How can you be inspirational over social media? Perhaps some call-to-actions for good deeds, or giving users who are underprivileged or discriminated some voice and support? I have no answers for this. Comment below on your thoughts about inspiring over social media and if you know of any campaigns/events/blogs that inspires using social media!


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