And the winner is…

The winner of my spare ticket to Facebook Success Summit is….Heidi Lanford! Congratulations Heidi! I’ve drop you an email, check your inbox! May this ticket brings Iris Inn to greater heights! ;) (Psst, your inn is really gorgeous!)

For the rest of my readers, don’t be disheartened because I’ll be doing my best to get your questions answered by the speakers at Facebook success summit during the Q&A session after each presentation! I say ‘to do my best’ as the timings are really horrible in Singapore time so I can’t give my word that I’ll make it to all sessions. :)

Here are the breakdown of all the sessions:

Session / Speaker
Title and Topic
Singapore Time
1.    Brian Solis
The Case for Facebook and What Your Business Needs to Know
Topic: Why Facebook now?
Wednesday, 6 October, 8am
2.    Mari Smith
How To Create a Compelling Facebook Presence That Generates Profits
Topic: Building/customizing Facebook pages
Thursday, 7 October, 3am
3.    Amy Porterfield & Cindy King
How to Build and Manage a Loyal Facebook Fan Base
Topic: Facebook editorial planning & management
Thursday, 7 October, 4.15am
4.    Chris Treadaway
Leveraging the Power of Facebook 
Topic: Advertising Facebook advertising
Thursday, 7 October, 5.30am
5.    Ekaterina Walter (Intel), LaSandra Brill (Cisco) & Brian Ellefritz (SAP)
How Big B2B Businesses Are Leveraging the Power of Facebook (Panel Discussion)
Topic: Business-to-business big brand case examples
Wednesday, 13 October, 3am
6.    Paul Dunay & Richard Krueger
How to Benefit from Facebook Open Graph and Social Plugins
Topic: Facebook Open Graph and social plugins
Wednesday, 13 October, 4.15am
7.    Jay Baer
Applying Method to the Madness: Picking the Right Facebook Strategy
Topic: Facebook strategy
Wednesday, 13 October, 5.30am
8.    Mari Smith
From Fans to Superfans: How To Turbo-Boost Your Facebook Engagement
Topic: Facebook fan engagement
Wednesday, 20 October,
9.    Nick Sarillo (Nick’s Pizza), Persia Tatar (formerly, Frye Shoe Company) and Rob Birgfeld (SmartBrief)
Profiles of Facebook Success: Retailers and Restaurants (Panel Discussion)
Topic: Retailer and restaurant case examples
Wednesday, 20 October, 4.15am
10. Dave Kerpen
How to Conduct Advanced Facebook Fan Page Promotions
Topic: Facebook promotions
Wednesday, 20 October, 5.30am
11. Jeff Widman
Contrarian Insights from Facebook Page Analytics
Topic: Facebook analytics
Friday, 22 October, 3am
12. Darren Rowse & Mike Stelzner
Building Community With Facebook and Blogs
Topic: Facebook community building
Friday, 22 October, 4.15am
13. Mary Renouf (Microsoft XBox) and Shripal Shah (Washington Redskins)
Business-to-Consumer Big Brand Panel
Topic: Consumer brand case examples
Friday, 22 October, 5.30am
14. Mike Stelzner
Using Facebook to Create Mega Events
Topic: Facebook events
Wednesday, 27 October, 3am
15. Justin Smith
Preparing for the Future of Facebook and What Tomorrow Means for Business
Topic: Facebook trends
Wednesday, 27 October, 4.15am
16. Jesse Stay
From Fishers to Farmers: Bringing Your Brand to Your Customers Using Facebook
Topic: Facebook integration
Wednesday, 27 October, 5.30am

To drop your questions, comment below with the session number. I’ll also be blogging on each of the sessions, so check back this space for insights of the summit!


Elisha Tan is the Founder of TechLadies. TechLadies is a community for women in Asia to connect, learn, and advance as programmers in the tech industry. Elisha is also the Developer Programs Regional Lead for Asia Pacific at Facebook.


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