Impolite Commuters

Impolite commuters….

Photos compiled from the various articles on STOMP

are not caught on these pictures. 

They are the people who were at the scene and even more so for those who bother enough to snap a picture of it, then uploading it and complain the hell out of the incident.

Why can’t they remind these supposed ugly commuters of their manners and ask the accused if they mind to give up their seats? Only if they refused to give up their seats they can now be termed as ugly commuters so you may go ahead and snap/upload a picture of them and meet your hedonistic pleasure of embarrassing someone.

I think it’s uglier to not do anything while at the scene and even more of uglier to snap a photo secretly for obvious reasons because such apathetic or cowardly act doesn’t help the needy to get the seats they needed and it doesn’t help the accused to learn anything out of it, unless the accused is an avid STOMPer or an avid fan that constantly seeks out citizen nonsense journalism of such nature.

I am, proud to say, that I’ve finally collected enough balls to be a MRT terrorist – the one who reminds you of your manners to give up your reserved seat, embarrass you on the spot (and therefore feed my hedonistic pleasure in getting a sick high) and create an empty seat for the needy. The rush of adrenaline after deciding to break the mold by asking ‘Would you mind to give up your seat to this old uncle’ and the grateful victorious smile of the uncle is euphoric, I tell you. HAHAHAHA.

 MRT terrorist, wanna sign up?


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