One Step Back

As my batch of recent graduates move on in life to find a good paying job (and many have found them), I’m taking a step back….and doing free work.

After my first round of interviews, I realized that I’m inadequately equipped with the necessary know-how in getting employed for a job that deals with social media marketing. So right now, I want to spend some time in building up more hands-on experiences (other than my efforts on this blog) before moving on to either work in a big firm doing social media or get out for my own business.

Honestly, it feels a little sour not to be able to get into the ideal of working in a job I love that pays well (oh my, think of all the income I lose while I do free work), learn as much as I can on the job before setting off to start my own business. But I think that this may be the best for me right now; to do what I love, to learn loads but not earn (or earn much), rather than settle for a decent income selling insurance.

(No offense to insurance salespersons, just that it’s really my cup of tea :D)

I think I’ve been very fortunate to be offered opportunities not once but twice via my social media tools (YAY to success. lol). So! I’ve decided on Adonai Training and I’ll be camping out at Bedok Library, where they currently work, not too bad since I have a direct bus there, plus work starts at 11am (Double YAY!).

I’m going to squeeze dry the knowledge of my ‘boss’, practice everything I’ve learned these few weeks and to come out of the experience fully charged for the next step. :)

Anyway, a couple of questions have been posted to me and I thought they came very timely.

How much are you willing to give up for entrepreneurship?

Why do you want to be an entrepreneur?

My answer to the former question was kinda out-of-the-box I guess, cos I was thinking along the lines of becoming homeless etc. So I replied, “Well, I’ll never be homeless because my parents pay for my shelter; and my parents will never let me go hungry. So I can only give up my time and effort.” LOL

But that’s very true isn’t it! That’s the fortune that most Singapore youths have: no matter how hard we fail, we always have a home to go to and we’ll never be hungry for long. So really, what’s there to lose?

The latter question was posted to me by Martin when we met recently over coffee. I want to be an entrepreneur because I like to have the freedom to make decisions and have nobody to report to. Second reason being the belief that it is entrepreneurs who will change the world, think the pledge by Buffett and Gates.

So yes, I want to commit these two answers to my heart and run the entrepreneurship race.


Elisha Tan is the Founder of TechLadies. TechLadies is a community for women in Asia to connect, learn, and advance as programmers in the tech industry. Elisha is also the Developer Programs Regional Lead for Asia Pacific at Facebook.


15 thoughts on “One Step Back

  1. alittlebigshop says:

    haha. what's a better way to leave some legacy after you die than to have your business! really dont want to spend my life doing work for some other people and leave nothing behind. So i want to be an entrepreneur!

  2. Elisha Tan says:

    @YeQing. No matter what's the reason behind the pursuit of entrepreneurship, I guess what's important is to know why you're pursuing it so when going gets tough, there's always a reminder. :)@Dattai. Nope I don't have a BookLook, if that's what you're referring to. :)

  3. F. Orex says:

    Doing some thing for free is a good act when you do it for humanity. Giving someone help will count on your good deeds and you will be blessed by god.

  4. Elisha Tan says:

    Hi F.Orex,Well I'm not too sure if I'm serving the needs of humanity right now! HAHA. But surely, I think a deed is good when it's done to help others, no matter how small the deed is. :)

  5. Elisha Tan says:

    Hi Anonymous,Right now what I've done is:1. Conceptualizing marketing efforts2. Brand name is more or less settled3. Blog about the journey4. Conceptualized site interface, roughly5. Put myself in a situation whereby I can learn everything else that I know I don't know, which includes highly important components like market research, financial model and back-end operational stuffs.But of course, one can never learn enough. So I prolly head out on my own by the maximum of 3 years later.If you know of any resources that can be of help to me, could you share them with me please? :D

  6. Ryan Lou says:

    Hey… Try this. Prepare a presentation on social media. And blog about it, do a video about it anything… Then submit yourself as a speaker at… :D Something that leverages your skills, something like "What users know, but brands haven't found out" 3 years is too long… Learn by doing I say. But it won't be easy… Check out my recent blogpost for my story…

  7. Elisha Tan says:

    Hi Ryan,IMPORTANT EVENTS MAKE ME NERVOUS! *HYPERVENTILATES*. Omg, omg, I need to do research! HAHA (Sorry for the excessive caps)And yes! I've read your blog, so I've decided to go solo for as long as I can manage!

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