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Short shoutout before D-day tomorrow.

Yikes. At Founder Institute, there’s a cut off date where each student has to pitch the one idea that they want to create a business from and if it’s not supported by the mentors and peers of the program… you’re out.

No points for guessing when that date is (but if you need, it’s tomorrow), and I’m nervous about it because I suck at pitching. I don’t want my baby to be killed because I can’t pitch. :(

Oh anyway, I didn’t make it through to Top 10 of the World’s Coolest Intern. I’m good, if you’re asking. Didn’t really thought I could make it to Top 23 to begin with.

As you can see, my thoughts are jumbled up.


Elisha Tan is the Founder of TechLadies. TechLadies is a community for women in Asia to connect, learn, and advance as programmers in the tech industry. Elisha is also the Developer Programs Regional Lead for Asia Pacific at Facebook.


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