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The Joy Of Using Social Media

Social media is an extremely interesting platform as it puts the human behavior onto the internet. But what piqued my long-lasting interest in social media was how this platform allowed me to come out of my emotionally-dead shell and become a more confident person.
You see, I used to have this problem of being unable to express my emotions to others which annoyed me a lot. So I needed a place where I can express myself to others yet not do it face-to-face; this is why I started blogging.
Not too sure about you, the social side of me is not a stable trait. I’m very social to new faces joining in a crowd that I’m already in, I’m really quiet among many strangers, particularly if they already know each other beforehand, and if everyone in the room know no one beforehand, my sociable level is dependent on my mood. I guess it all depends on whether I feel a sense of ownership in that particular social situation.
Sense of ownership…doesn’t it rings a bell? Don’t you think it sound like having Facebook and Twitter accounts? I’m in charge of my Facebook and Twitter accounts so I sometimes feel that I’m more sociable online than offline. Anyway, it is also easier to be more sociable online as saying hi is easier when it’s done behind a screen – you just need to drop a message. You can skip the formalities of letting people finish first or worry if you appear rude if you accidentally cut off someone.
This is why I think social media is awesome. I got curious about the human mind on the internet: did everyone else experience this help from social media as well? Of course I’m also curious about social media crisis management and social media marketing but all these fields will boil down to the human behavior online at the end of the day.
In the course of finding out what makes human exhibit certain kind of behaviors – reading your blog, following you on Twitter etc, I got absorb into the numbers game. My joy rise and drop according to the digit shown on Google Analytics and Twitter. But I realized something, quality really is above quantity.
I can produce more social media content just by condensing many articles into one, but I wouldn’t be happy. I don’t feel good if I’m not contributing meaningfully into the field, and I derive joy from compliments on my creativity in my content. Recently, I noticed that my Twitter followers are dropping, but I’m talking to more people on Twitter. End result? I feel happier. In fact, I get more referrals from Twitter to this blog after I started to talk more to people on Twitter.
This is the joy of using social media:  the ability to converse without the constraints of social settings or the care of numbers and focusing on the quality of ideas and engagements will ultimately lead to the quantity of followers.
Start focusing on quality and be happy!

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Elisha Tan is the Founder of TechLadies. TechLadies is a community for women in Asia to connect, learn, and advance as programmers in the tech industry. Elisha is also the Developer Programs Regional Lead for Asia Pacific at Facebook.


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