Too long to tweet, too short to blog.

When I ask for the age of a person who has achieved a lot, I do a mental calculation and tell myself I have X more years to go, I can do it too.


I found out that I shouldn’t ask the age when that person started his/her journey. Because I was shoplifting and skipping classes when I was at that age. But hey, at least I didn’t discover ebay then. Else I’ld have totally steal to sell.


Learning how to learn a skill is more important than learning the skill itself. I can finish M.Hartl’s book on rails, but I need to learn how to google for errors or find my way around stackoverflow in order for my education to be independent of M.Hartl’s book.


But learning how to learn something from someone who has that kind of knowledge is hard. Most of their knowledge on the skill has become implicit, and they credit their skill to ‘experience’ or ‘gut feel’. A child who just learned how to cycle can explain how to cycle in more detail than an adult who’s been cycling his whole life.

That’s why I write. I want to remember how I learned to learn.


Master class with Adeo is amazing. I need to push myself more. Why can’t I keep to my goals? Probably because nobody keeps me accountable. Oh well, I’ll code an app for that. Give me one week, I’ll learn everything.


Elisha Tan is the Founder of TechLadies. TechLadies is a community for women in Asia to connect, learn, and advance as programmers in the tech industry. Elisha is also the Developer Programs Regional Lead for Asia Pacific at Facebook.


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