How I figure what I want

I do this when I want to figure out what I want – talk to God.

ForĀ atheists, replace ‘God’ with ‘Genie’ for the rest of this post. It works the same.

Now, God is almighty and he can do anything. He’s now right in front of me and asks, “What can I do for you?”

My answer to that question helps me understand what I lack, and what I need to get to reach my goal.

For example, my answer to that question has been “I want wisdom to figure out what decisions I should make” for a couple of weeks now. That answer shaped the questions I ask the people I meet and in turn, their answers help me get to my goal.


Try this out the next time you feel lost.


Tan is the founder of Learnemy. Learnemy is an online marketplace where you can find in-person classes taught by local experts and enthusiasts in Singapore.