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What I Learned From Using Twitter Ads


I’ve recently begun searching for a job again.

On top of the usual job boards and applying directly at the companies’ sites, I took a more proactive way by putting ads on myself. Because in the tech startup industry, positions can be carved for the right person – it isn’t a must for me to wait for the right opportunity to show up.

Here’s a sample of the tweets, and they all go to a page with my resume.

Twitter Ad Screenshot

Twitter ads are a cheap way of getting traffic, I spent between $0.07 – $0.35 per link click. It’s definitely something a marketer should consider when it comes to paid traffic. In terms of results, I did get a few emails on potential career opportunities and some buzz from Twitter users.

If you do try Twitter ads for yourself, here are some lessons I’ve learned on using Twitter ads.

Optimize Your Landing Pages For Mobile

Twitter is available on web and mobile. However, a large percentage of my ads were clicked on by users on mobile, which caught me by surprised.

My landing page was initially not optimized for mobile and that probably costs me some leads. If you are going to put ads on Twitter, you definitely want to make sure your landing page looks good on mobile.

Add A CTA In Your Ad Copy

I’ve read it from somewhere that adding a CTA in your tweet improves its spreadability. This is also true for ads. Adding a CTA isn’t complicated – all you need to do is to put a “Please RT” or something similar. When I change my ad copy from this:

“I’m looking for a job! Let me help you get better deal flow, partners and reach a wider audience across Asia.”

to this:

“Hire me to help you get better deal flow, partners and reach a wider set of audience all across Asia. Click for more

My CTR increased by 10%. Although this increase isn’t fantastic, it was a good result considering that all it needs was a tiny tweak in my ad copy.

Create Different Ads For Different Countries

Some countries are more social than others, so their engagement rates are much higher than others. I’ve placed my ads for APAC countries and I observed that Indonesia gave me the highest retweet rates. That’s not too surprising, considering that Indonesia and Philippines are big on social media.

Interestingly, Indonesia didn’t give me much followers – I had more new followers from Malaysia. If I were to put Twitter ads again, I will craft ads with different CTAs to suit the user behavior of different countries.

Forget About Custom Audience

Facebook only requires a minimum of 20 people to create a custom audience, Twitter needs 500 – 660. This makes precise targeting extremely difficult if your audience pool isn’t big.

I had an idea of buying a list of male and female Twitter handles so I can create custom audiences and target the people I’m going after by specifying that my ads are only shown to a specific gender.

That means that if I have a list of 50 handles that I want to target and they are mostly males, I would create a custom audience with this 50 handles by including 450 handles of female users (which I don’t care about). I’ll just select to show the ads to males for this campaign.

I’ve tried buying a list of bots/fake Twitter accounts off Fiverr, unfortunately that didn’t work. :(

Will I Use Twitter Ads Again?

All in all, I think ads on Twitter are great for paid traffic, it’s affordable and you can seed the virality of your content with the right copy (after all, it only takes 2 clicks to retweet).

But I would think twice about using Twitter ads for getting leads or sales because of how complex it is to reach the right audience. Or maybe it’s just that I have not figured how to do it properly.

If you know of any tips on putting up Twitter ads, do leave a comment below!


Elisha Tan is the Founder of TechLadies. TechLadies is a community for women in Asia to connect, learn, and advance as programmers in the tech industry. Elisha is also the Developer Programs Regional Lead for Asia Pacific at Facebook.