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I’m Elisha and I believe that entrepreneurs have the ability, and hence responsibility, to make the world a better place. I’ve started a startup called Learnemy and my journey has been featured on a bunch of places. After 3 years, I failed (which has also been featured on a bunch of places).

I’m now looking to grow and contribute in an ambitious, high growth environment within the tech ecosystem.

I can help you with writing kick-ass content, building community and partnerships, and building simple web app prototypes with Ruby on Rails.

I’ve been told that I’m honest, have a can-do attitude and am a hustler, although I may come across as aggressive. You can see more about my experiences and skills below, or read my reviews on Linkedin.

You can reach me by clicking this link, or email elisha.tan@gmail.com. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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Content Marketing
I have a systematic approach to creating content. Using this format, I have created:

  • Articles with 27,000 organic views over a 4-year period
  • Ebook with 40,000 organic views over a 5-year period
  • Udemy course with 4500 enrollments over a 9-month period

Community Building 
My passion projects have put me in touch with talented startup and developer communities in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. 
I’ve also grown a Linkedin community from 400 members to 2000 members within 4 months.

Developing Partnerships
Other than increasing the number of marketing partners all across Asia by 40% for Tech in Asia Tour, I’ve also started collaborations for Bootstrap Alley for Tech in Asia’s conferences.

Startup Analyst & Pitch Coach
During my term in Tech in Asia, I’ve seen close to 1000 startups in Asia, selected close to 400 startups for TiA’s activities and trained 35 startups in pitching in front of an audience.

Data Driven Marketing
I like numbers. I use basic SQL queries, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Excel, and run t-tests to select the best marketing channel, content and UI for a product.

Search Engine Optimization
I select valuable keywords, create content around the keywords, and do both on and off site SEO.

Ruby on Rails (Basic) and CSS/HTML
I learned programming when I couldn’t find a tech co-founder. I’m able to create simple prototypes, conduct A/B testing and structure the site for SEO. I designed and coded for Learnemy.




Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Moz, Mailchimp, WordPress, Google Adwords, Git, Microsoft Office

Ruby on Rails, Photoshop, SQL




Organizer, Rails Girls Singapore (Jun 2014 – Present)
Rails Girls is an avenue to introduce women to Ruby and Ruby on Rails. We run these sessions every month.

Organizer, RedDotRubyConf 2015 (Jan 2015 – Jun 2015)
RedDotRubyConf is the largest Ruby conference in South East Asia. Speakers include Ruby’s creator, Yukihiro (Matz) Matsumoto, and Ruby on Rails top committer, Aaron Patterson.




Ecosystem Builder (Mar – July 15)
Tech in Asia (Singapore)
I develop strategic partnerships with other ecosystem stakeholders to help grow an inclusive tech ecosystem in Asia.

I also select startups for Tech in Asia’s activities in APAC cities.On top of that, I’ve documented many of the company’s processes to ensure scalability, trained my colleagues on some of these processes, and emceed at TiA’s events.

Founder (Jun 11 – Present)
Learnemy (Singapore)
Learnemy is an online marketplace to find instructors in Singapore. I started it because I want to help people make a living by teaching what they are passionate about. I do everything here – marketing, product design, press relations, sales to programming.

Since launching in 2012, I have matched more than 800 learners. Notable instructors include community leaders of various programming groups, well-known entrepreneurs and VCs.

Marketing Intern (Oct – Dec 14)
The Founder Institute (California)
At The Founder Institute, I market all of the accelerator’s events across 85 cities globally. I’ve also contributed some articles on the company’s blog, and put together a highly rated Product Development course on Udemy that has attracted more than 4500 participants.

Community Executive (Nov 10 – May 11)
Dufresne Research (Singapore)
Started with zero knowledge about the electric vehicle batteries and energy storage industries, I quickly learned about the industries and grew a Linkedin community from 400 members to 2000 members in 4 months.

Consultant (Jul – Oct 10)
Adonai Training LLP (Singapore)
In charge of content marketing and social media marketing, an ebook I’ve authored now has over 39,000 views on SlideShare. I’ve also consulted for Chingay, Singapore’s largest annual street parade, and achieved a 125% increase in their Facebook fan base organically in two months.




Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology), Class of 2010
National University of Singapore




Fluent in both written and spoken English
Basic ability in spoken Mandarin

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